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    Our company since 2006 engaged in the provision of engineering services for construction projects.


    - Is the provision of engineering services, include the transfer of knowledge, experience, technology in the organization and management of construction of technological processes on the present level, to ensure the proper level of security, reliability and quality.

    High professionalism of companies, based on practical experience and in-house technical regulations, the use of modern systems, methods and techniques of production processes, enables firms to fulfill contractual obligations with the highest quality.



    - Meet the requirements and consumers in sphere of construction engineering

    We perform engineering on the construction site include:

    performance of certain functions of the Customer or a general contractor in terms of organization and management of construction production;

    the organization of interaction of subcontracting, operational, design organizations and other participants in the construction;

    improving the quality of construction by monitoring the performed construction and installation works;

    provision of information and analytical materials on the construction of the definition and specifying ways to solve problems.